Paula O’Toole

Chrysalis Play Therapy NI
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Paula is the founder of Chrysalis Play Therapy NI.  She started her career in the United States as a Behaviour Specialist supporting children on the autism spectrum in homes and schools.  During her 14 years in the States, she extended this support to children with other diagnoses such as selective mutism and anxiety, and became a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst.   When Paula returned to Ireland, she felt compelled to enhance her skill set even further by becoming a Certified Play Therapist.  She wanted to improve the lives of children with specific diagnoses as well as those impacted by trauma and adverse childhood experiences.  

In addition, she also wanted to support children who didn’t meet the criteria for a specific diagnosis or therapeutic support, yet needed help. This is why she became a Certified facilitator of Pretzel Play’s Foundation Training, so she could reach a broader audience by running workshops on how to support child wellness through mindful movement and a range of emotional regulation activities, games, and techniques. 

Paula is a registered member of Play Therapy UK and is vetted through AccessNI.