Pamela Capriglione



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Pamela Capriglione is the founder and CEO of the multi-award-winning Neuro Skillshop. Pamela is a qualified teacher, NLP practitioner, Anxiety Coach, Yoga & Mindfulness Coach, Therapeutic Play Practitioner, and qualified LEGO® facilitator. She is passionate about autism, mental health and of course LEGO®. Pamela has 20 professional years’ experience working in Autism based support services (Education, Health, Voluntary & Private) and over 30 years personal experience.

Pamela’s passion to support pre and post diagnosed autistic children has stemmed from having two siblings who are autistic. Pamela strongly believes that her personal experience, in addition to her qualifications and skillset in autism, gives her the unique ability to support families, organisations and children on a deeper level.

Pamela founded Neuro Skillshop as she could see first-hand the detrimental effect that outdated training and interventions were having on the mental health of neurodivergent children and young people. She realised that most mainstream supports, training, and interventions were based on trying to change the child, not accept and embrace who they are. Pamela strives to deliver successful play based and gentle therapeutic programs that enhance children’s development by utilising and building on their strengths.

In addition to delivering the Foundation Accredited Training in Children’s Yoga Concepts & Mindfulness Meditation Pamela also delivers Certified training programs in LEGO® SIX Bricks, LEGO® DUPLO® Play & Learn and LEGO® Autism courses.