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Frequently Asked Questions

This training has been designed for parents and carers and anyone who works or volunteers with children from toddler to teenagers. We have had parents, teachers, educators, youth club leaders, health professionals (occupational therapists, social workers, psychologists, health visitors, nurses and physiotherapist complete the training) among our previous attendees both in the face to face setting and the online training. We have had pre school educators, creche workers, scout leaders, gymnastics coaches, Irish dance teachers, hip hop dance teachers, football coaches, youth development officers, student teachers, classroom assistants and adult yoga teachers all attend the workshop training.

The Introductory offer is £27.99. This will include the full training, pdf resource booklet and digital certificate of completion for CPD.

You will receive a 90 minute professionally recorded interactive online training.  As well as access to this video content, you will also receive a pdf resource booklet to support and enhance your learning and a downloadable certificate of completion.

This accredited training workshop will enable you to learn easy to follow, evidenced based tools and techniques on how to implement kids yoga concepts and mindful meditation themes into the day to life of  your children or the children you work with.

Now, more than ever during these unprecedented times, children need these tools, techniques and information to manage their feelings, emotions and to have a tool belt with resources to manage times of adversity and difficulties.

The training is delivered in tangible, easy to follow sections with a focus on play and fun. Tara-Lea has taken her skills, knowledge and trainings and compiled  evidenced based  information that is delivered in a visually appeasing and  interactive way.


This training provides a wealth of information, which each participant will retain and use differently depending on their background and role. You will leave the training feeing excited, motivated and  happy to spread the Pretzel Play Way and let the children in your life learn these tools, activities and techniques.


Tara-Lea has been keen to keep this training workshop at an exceptionally low price point, so it is accessible to all. Her goal is for this to be a go to training resource for parents and carers or anyone who works or volunteers with children.  The props and resources she endorses and uses are readily available and cost effective, usually most schools, houses or facilities have them at hand.

Yes, the workshop is accredited by The International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine


The training is also endorsed by Early Years Education Consultant, Clare Devlin


No, there is no need to have any adult or children’s yoga experience. This training workshop will enable you to become familiar with children’s yoga & mindfulness meditation concepts.  This is not an accredited kids yoga teacher training. Tara-Lea encourages you to embrace your inner child during the training and participate in the interactive sections within your health and fitness levels.

You can start the workshop training immediately when purchased. The video can be stopped and started at anytime.

Simply head to the ‘shop’ tab, select the training workshop and add to your cart. Once you have proceeded to the check-out follow the prompts to finalise your purchase. You can then download it to your device along with the resource PDF and then your certificate.

The pdf booklet is  accessible as a digital ebook and the video is  viewable online. Should you want a physical copy, you can print your pfd resource booklet.

The link provided containing your training video and PDF resource can only be downloaded and stored onto one device.

Due to the nature of accessing all material upon receiving it, we currently do not offer refunds. Please read the terms and conditions provided before purchasing, however, should you encounter any issues with the program, please do not hesitate to email us at info@pretzelplay.co.uk and we will be more than happy to assist you further.