Explosive Emotions Facebook Training

Live Training on Explosive Emotions

Join now and access to the private community in Facebook and get access to video and additional links of books/podcasts of key experts in this field in the group.
I have also included a written resource about Amy Tex & Hippo 💃🏻🤠👨🏽‍🏫 who you will get to learn about in the training and help understand who/ how a child may ‘flip their lid’.
We plan to offer a face to face full in-depth training in mid 2024 -Reframing Behaviours & Regulation’ which will build on this one – Your fee you pay for this will be deducted should you choose to attend a future face to face
Training available now in a facebook group hosted by Pretzel Play Creator Tara. Tara is a trauma informed Occupational Therapist whom uses a nervous system lens with a background in yoga.
‘Fëêłíñgś are just fêëłîńgš;They are not ME’
This is a 45 min entry training with easy to follow information that gives you tools, techniques and an understanding to dyregulation, emotional meltdowns and big feelings that you can use and harness straight away for children (or adults) 🧠
This Online workshop covers:
✔️How to manage Anxiety and Anger in children (Big Feelings)
🧠Understanding Feelings & Emotions 🤯💢
🧠Understanding the brain-Fight or flight ~ Rest and digest🌿
🧠A playful way of understanding our brain- neuroplasticity and the nervous system⚠️
🧠Simplistic child friendly ways to teach emotional awareness, regulation, understanding and coping
🧠How you can make emotional regulation tools for the kids in your life and how to use them
🧠My go to tools that work
🧠Shake to regulate
🧠The power of the breath
🧠What adults can do to regulate during meltdowns
Includes information pdf that you easily access in the group as well as additional reading, resources and materials www.pretzelplay.co.uk
*Please note this Information is not be to used as an individualist health assessment and any concerns for your child need to be reported to your GP and or relevant health professionals.

Terms and Conditions

Full Payment must be made when booking to secure your place and tickets are non refundable but transferable *Please note there is variable pricing with each unique retreat in line with individual venue costings and hire packages All attendees must being their own yoga mat