About Pretzel Play

Our Story

Pretzel Play was founded in 2017 by Tara-Lea McElduff and has evolved to now offer bespoke events, trainings, workshops and courses. As life has progressed, what was originally offered in Pretzel Play- kids and family regulation classes through play, has now expanded and and evolved. At its core, Pretzel Play still focuses on regulation, nervous system through body work and play. I consider myself a course creator and Body Coach with a background in Holistic Occupational Therapy and trauma informed yoga. I view everything through the nervous system and when you start learning and noticing your own cues from your nervous system and hearing the body whispers, it will change how you view and see the world.

Tara-Lea is a play advocate for both children and adults and knew this needed to be the very centre of all the classes and pedagogy as this is a child’s way to learn, view and understand the world. Play is a child’s love language.

Pretzel Play is now a highly acclaimed training and consultancy concept, spreading their message globally through workshops, training and consultancy.

Tara-Lea now offers trainings and workshops, believing we all need to play and works on tapping into our inner child and letting them out. She also is keen to tap into women’s innate purpose and grow a global tribe of heart centred entrepreneurs who love their job, have flexibility, freedom and purpose. To create change makers

The aim of Pretzel Play is to provide developmental, age appropriate, play based sessions, classes and workshops to educate kids to Be Brave Be Strong and Be Kind. Pretzel Play uses kids yoga concepts, mindfulness,  meditation, play, mindful craft, affirmations, mantras, breathing techniques, relaxation, guided meditation and  movement to encourage and promote and support resilience, self regulation, grounding, self  awareness, nurturing and honouring of all our feelings and emotions, coping skills, self love, compassion, empathy, a growth mindset and a bounce back ability for children to be able to thrive. 

The foundation workshop has now been completed by over 800 parents, carers, educators or by those who work or volunteer with children. There are currently 72 women who have completed the Masterclass spanning throughout Ireland, UK, Spain and Australia. Many are now running successful heart centred entrepreneurial businesses in their local areas