A body first approach for high achieving woman who are facing burnout and want to feel more Flowey in just 6 weeks

What the community are saying…

“I’m actually putting myself first without the guilt and my family are benefitting” – Veronica

“I no longer instantly go into survival mode when I’m having a rough day. I now have the tools to handle my anger and anxiety and am able to use them and strip it back” – Bernie

“My yelling and crashing patterns has decreased significantly.” – Nicola


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Can you relate?

I know what it’s like to have a natural gravitation to be a high achiever, to do it all, get it all done, be super independent and strong.

As a lady who presented as a Type A for years (I’m talking high achiever… busy busy and then crashing on the regular), I used to feel like a failure and shift between high energy to get it all done and then massive crashes.

Now, as a mother of 3 in my letter side of 30’s, having worked as a Trauma informed OT, trained as a trauma informed yoga teacher and continued to learn about body work, somatics, fascia and overall body first approach I operate from a much different approach in life. And the difference is profound.

This training is an evolvement of Pretzel Play and how over the past few years the need for women to honour themselves, to provide inner safety and tap into their body and nervous system is so paramount.

As Pretzel Play has grew, evolved and pivoted, I (along with my small dedicated support team), have had the honour and experience of working alongside and holding space for over 500 ladies on a range retreats, trainings, bespoke events, corporate days, workshops and learning spaces.

Throughout this time, I have witnessed the theme of burn out and nervous system dysregulation to be at the forefront of the women I have held space for.

We are programmed to operate from a masculine lens and have got so disconnected from our unique, feminine blueprint.

It has been common to hear from the women participants talking of how life is super busy, so many to-do’s, so much to do every day and so many roles to uphold. Women feedback that they feel they are on a hamster wheel, going and dong and never giving themselves the permission to just be, to rest, to restore and to relax.

There is an unspoken expectation, for women to be hyper productive, to multi task and to be the high achiever that gets everything done (at the expense of their own selves). There is a theme that burn out part of our role and that self-care can only be something we do when we achieve our next thing (which never happens as when we tick off one goal there is always another) or when we earn it.

This course, The Pause. dispels all of this. I am here to tell you we can’t do it all and neither we should do it all. Multi tasking is a lie and keeps you in over ride and distraction, forcing your nervous system in to survival states way beyond what it evolutionary was designed to do.

Now my mission is to help women better understand their bodies , grow in confidence (this really is the secret sauce!) to listen to its innate cues and whispers and step into your feminine and create a more healthier nervous system. This will then have a massive impact in EVERYTHING – life will transform for the better, you will respond and flow instead of react and crash.

Using simplistic, body first approaches and framework that is science-backed, and has helped many women just like you. You can get out of the constant fight or flight, break free of your fear to slow down, honour rest, listen to your body, and change your experience as a women now stepping into her feminine 

A message from me to you:

Imagine if you could…



Your step-by-step roadmap for going from frazzled to flowey and learn to respond to life not react and crash. Learn proven, science-backed tools to help you stop the explosions, get back in control of your emotions, and thrive in your life and even motherhood.




Journal Cues – Body Scan – Box Breath – Progressive – Muscle Meditation Technique



Use a proven, nervous system tested process, including my signature body work tools, learn ways to soothe your nervous system, take you pour of fight flight and start to feel safe to then better manage your emotions, thoughts, and responses. This is the inner work that changes everything, including how you experience your day to day life, how you respond to stress, and how in control you feel. This is a process of taking your nervous system from activated to regulated.



Develop the habits and rituals to bring in the fundamental basics to take your self out of fight flight. Start to honour self care and prioritise yourself and what your body needs daily to be the happy human you deserve to be.



Reflect – Circuit Breakers And somatic tools to use everyday


Play and play in life


a bonus module + downloadable course calendar


Time Management and prioritisation to stop the old burnout pattern

What you’ll learn inside…

🤍  This is a 6 phase course for high achiever women who always get 👏🏻 it 👏🏻 all 👏🏻 done but at the cost of their own self care and potential burn out.

🤍 PLUS an amazing Manual packed with reflective prompts, resources, information, tools and resources. 🤍

In just your first 42 days…

The days are too long and the years are too short for you to not be enjoying life right now!

It’s time to finally take the guesswork out of how to honour your body and managing your emotions and set you on a path toward rest, presence and happiness.



The Pause includes lifetime access all the modules set over 5 phases with additional bonus phase containing all of the tools you need to learn a body first approach and for high achieving women who are facing burnout in as little as 35 days

What’s even better? It’s totally risk-free. The Pause. comes with a 48hour money-back guarantee.

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“I’m on my 12th day of my morning and evening postures. I’m keeping track on my calendar because I’m so proud of myself and feel so good.”

Remember how I mentioned that confidence is the secret sauce?

With the tools inside The Pause. you will learn how to understand how you are actually feeling to everything throughout your day- your body cues, sensations, thoughts and emotions and learn to help you feel more safe, and grow in the confidence to calmly handle the stresses of day to day life.

This is about you becoming a woman who will no longer operate from burnout.

This is about you becoming a woman who will no longer operate from burnout.

I was a previous Type A personality / High Achiever and this is how I would have identified myself as a child.

I prioritise lots of time and white space for play, and  I never feel like I am burning the candle at both ends. I ensure I have lots of nothing days and balance out work with play, family time and self care. I am actually happiest in my home, with my  kids playing outside and I am pottering about.

And now, as my company continues to grow and pivot to the community, I am on a mission to help women understand their own nervous system and innate body cues and use this understanding to start to regulate your nervous system and feel more safe in your body. This will have a direct and profound impact on your daily interactions. With a soothed nervous system, you will start to operate from a regulated states, and not go to fight flight reactions. You will begin to pause and respond, not react like a constant changing thermometer. You will begin to feel more peaceful, more present, deepen connections and enjoy your life right now. You may begin to feel more accepting of yourself, give yourself more compassion and honour your body and mind, and  see all the greatness you have within you.

As a Certified Body Coach Specialist, I have had the privilege of helping hundreds of women through my face to face offerings and platforms – and creating courses like this! The Pause. is designed to help women just like you and make the tools that have changed my life even more accessible.




Your step-by-step roadmap for going from frazzled to flowey and learn to respond to life not react and crash. Learn proven, science-backed tools to help you stop the explosions, get back in control of your emotions, and thrive in your life and even motherhood.