The Calm Centre

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My Calm Centre is an A3 interactive poster for children aged 3-11 (approx) years. This poster includes beautiful illustrations of breath activities, gratitude mantras, affirmations, tracing tools, talking opportunities and creating time for presence and connection with children.

It can used by individual children or with carers and parents .

💭 My Calm Centre  will be ideal for any child who may worry about things, struggle with emotions, feel anxious or maybe nervous about school, separation anxiety, hobbies or upcoming events.

It may be fitting for kids to learn new, calming techniques in the home, learn about emotional regulation and gain new emotional intelligence tools and techniques in a fun way through bonding with carers or parents.

My Calm  Centre helps you teach kids emotional intelligence, regulation, resilience, and empathy with research-based activities and tools. All that have be used by Pretzel Play since 2017 .

My Calm Centre is ideal for ages 3-11(approx)

My Calm Centre includes:

🥨 Double sided activities

🥨 Interactive & engaging breathing visuals

🥨 Mindfulness techniques

🥨 Yoga pose for regulation

🥨 Affirmations and Mantras

It also comes with a beautiful postcard with a poem about how to use My Calm Centre that can be placed in school bags, over night backs or on the r added reassurance and support.

My Calm Centre works really well placed under a child’s  pillow and used at night time before bed as part of bedtime rituals or routines. 

It’s a beautiful resource that can be used to support family connection, bonding, and presence. It can also create opportunities for discussions and wee chats about feelings, emotions or problems.

Its durable material means kids can move it around the home, pack in suitcases etc  and it will not rip or tear

This unique, carefully curated child friendly poster, encourages activities that kids can do independently or as a family. These are activities we use in Pretzel Play Classes and are favourites among the children who attend classes and workshops.

With this poster, you are covering so many emotional intelligence activities.

All the activities are on the one poster so it can be placed somewhere in particular in the home and is easy to access.

💜 Under your children’s pillows; A pillow pal

💜 In the playroom or living room

💜 Create a calm centre at home or school

💜 Framed and placed at child height on the wall

💜 On the family fridge so everyone can freely access and use- including adults

The investment is  £15 including postage & packaging to the UK & Ireland 

Limited availability ***

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