Kids Summer Retreat

An Creagan | Friday 19th August 10-12:30pm

For kids who have completed preschool past (4+years) to 10 years approx Designed for children who show worries/anxieties particularly in transitions

This carefully curated, bespoke 2 1/2 hour end of summer workshop is designed for kids to participate in a retreat style experience creating calm play spaces to connect to our bodies and nature through play learning emotional regulation tools and techniques.

Led by myself, mental health occupational therapist, play advocate and trauma informed  200+ Hour Yoga Teacher Trained,   this will be a small group of children set in the idyllic An Creagan.

Parents can attend if your child needs support, or wait in the on-site coffeeshop.

 This retreat for children is designed so they can  take part in a yoga play & meditation class, create their own  ‘Calm Play box’ through crafting & creativity and finish outdoors at the fire pit with hot chocolate and toasted marshmallows.

✅💭This workshop will be ideal for any child who may worry about things, be anxious or maybe is nervous about returning to school. It may be ideal for kids to learn new, calming play ideas for the home (rainy days).

Calm Play boxes are popular and effective activities, tools and strategies that we use in Pretzel Play classes, designed to be a ‘toolkit’ for kids to feel empowered to manage their feelings/ emotions and to promote calming play ideas that can be used in the home.

The kids will compile, decorate and pack this interactive and creatively curated box that focuses on activities that kids can do independently or as a family to bring awareness to being Mindful in our everyday lives  and aid in emotional regulation ✨🌈

Each calm play box made will bring an experience to your child of nature and craft activities that allow them to find ways to be Mindful. The bespoke box is filled with sensory/mindfulness items and activities, hand selected and made that we use and value in our Pretzel Play classes.

🧘🏽🤸🏽🧘During the workshop we will have a yoga session first then make and compile our calm play boxes.

We will learn how to use the items to promote mindfulness & calmness at home/ school
We will try the different activities and then pack into their own box which they can then take home and use
We will finish at the fire pit with toasted marshmallows and hot chocolate

The investment is £25 per child, which includes the yoga session, all items/ books for the box and refreshments (fruit, juice, hot chocolate & marshmallows)

Please note- This is a pre paid event; tickets are non refundable but can be transferrable

Terms and Conditions

Full Payment must be made when booking to secure your place and tickets are non refundable but transferable *Please note there is variable pricing with each unique retreat in line with individual venue costings and hire packages All attendees must being their own yoga mat